Born to Die. Why?

Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas – a series of daily posts about, you guessed it – Christmas. If you’re just finding us, you may like to start at Day12 and make your way through from there. Thanks for dropping by!

6th Day of Christmas – Born to Die

Day 7 gave us a reason for Jesus’s birth – to save His people from their sin. Today’s theme seems like a different, unrelated purpose than yesterday’s, but as we will see, His death is inextricably linked to His saving us – without His death, we have no salvation.

Jesus was born to die. We often hear these words – social media memes, lyrics in songs, posts like this one – so they can become common and lose their value. One might ask, we’re all guaranteed to die, so aren’t we all born to die? Since the Fall, yes, it is true that death is the one guarantee in the life of every human being; but it is not our God-given purpose. The reason for our created existence is to live eternally with God the Father, not to die. Death only entered after Adam and Eve disobeyed God (Genesis Ch. 2-3). Jesus, God in the flesh born in a lowly manger, was given a different, opposite purpose. The reason for His birth was His preplanned, sovereignly ordained, death.

As I come daily to the Scriptures, and try to communicate it’s truth in writing, I feel like I am gathering one drop of water with a mini-sized medicine dropper from a deep, vast ocean. Today’s topic – born to die – is the largest ocean yet and trying to choose which drop to pick up from what part of the ocean has been a difficult task. That’s why I’m sending you over to Grace to You again. No one could help us grasp this wonderful truth better than John MacArthur, and you’ll be most blessed by his teaching. I enourage to read Born to Die.

May the Lord bless you today as you prepare for your celebrations of Christmas in just a few more days.

12. Jesus is our hope.

11. He is not just a babe in a manger – He holds our heart beat and life in His hands as Almighty God.

10. Jesus existed in eternity past before He was born a babe in a manger. He is the Eternal Son of God.

9. The Eternal God Almighty humbled Himself, clothed Himself in human flesh, was born as a babe, and dwelt among us.

8. In becoming a man and walking amongst humanity, Jesus, without giving up His divine nature, willingly set aside His heavenly privileges for a time and humbled Himself unto death – to serve you and me, in a way that only He could.

7. Jesus was born to save His people from their sins.

6. Jesus was born to die.

It matters that we know this.

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